Samsung warranty handeling is a joke!


The (dutch) Samsung warranty handling is the worst I ever experienced. Ever!

In October 2017 I bought 2 Samsung UH750 4K monitors. One of them died 2 months later during the Christmas holidays. Hmm, died after 2 months of use? Well, it’s something that can happen to any electronic device. So, right after the the holidays I raised a support ticket at the 27th of December 2017. Today (05/03/2018) I still don’t have a working monitor or a refund. Let me tell you how we got here…

After calling for technical support I directly received a repair ticket number and a UPS label to send my monitor to the local repair center Comserve here in the Netherlands, so far so good! The most ironic part is that they also send me this instruction video (in dutch) on how to properly pack the monitor for transport:

Although it is in dutch you will understand how to pack your monitor, and that’s exactly what I did. I even bought extra Air Cushion Films for extra protection.

After a few days on the 9th of January 2018 I received a message from Comserve that my monitor was fixed and send back to me. So far I was quite happy with the warranty handling until this arrived:
Samsung warranty handling
Samsung warranty handling
Samsung warranty handling
Samsung warranty handling

As you can see, Comserve did not watch the packaging instructions! The monitor was just loosely put in a (too) large box, without proper protection on the monitor and too less air cushions. This resulted in a literally broken monitor and a lose back cover. I contacted Samsung about this, they apologized and they arranged a new UPS label for me to return the monitor and I was promised to receive a refund.

And after this the misery started. Almost 2 months, 10 phonecalls, multiple complaint emails, promises to call me back and inform me from multiple emplyees from Samsung and Comserve later.. NOTHING.

Samsung told me that they were in a discussion with Comserve and UPS about the responsibility for the broken monitor. I, as a customer, should not be the victim of this. I just want my refund so I can buy a new monitor. If this takes a lot more time, the monitor gets out of production and I am unable to buy the same monitor. That way I will have 2 different monitors in my setup, and that’s not why I bought two identical monitors. You can see my desk setup here by the way:

In my last call with a Samsung employee I ask for a escalation path, a manager or something for me to raise the level of priority. They told me that this was not an option and I got the same message: Please be patient, we will inform you once the refund is processed.
At this point I have lost my hope to ever receive my money. I have got multiple Samsung products, like 5 (Yes, 5!) Galaxy S6,7,8 phones, 2 tablets, M.2 SSD’s etc. I thought it would be safe to buy from Samsung, but after this experience I am not so sure if I will ever buy something from Samsung again.

To be clear, I actually love the monitor. The image quality is superb and one of the best I have ever used!

This is my honest experience so far, and if anything changes to this journey I’ll update this post.

** UPDATE: Today (19/03/2018) I FINALLY! received a new Samsung monitor. So in total it almost took them 3 months to handle this warranty matter. The last two weeks I got in contact with a Samsung employee that understands how to help your customers. I won’t be sharing any names in this post, but I want to thank him for finishing this episode. **
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